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talk about the society we live in and the various and many sooo not obvious wrongs that are still wrongs all the same

Living a meaningful life

I am because we are – Ubunthu philosophy

is no brief candle for me: it is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want it to burn as brightly as possible before handing it to the future generations -George Bernard Shaw

What we do for ourselves dies with us! But what we do for others and the world remains and is immortal – the great M. luminary Albert Pike

Reading the above quotes in one way or another tells you about life as a collective force: collective because it is better lived and enjoyed if shared with others and a force because the beauty and power of it lies in what you do together with others. In other words, your life is our own but there isn’t much you can do or enjoy if you keep it to yourself.

Robin Sharma’s book, ‘the monk who sold his Ferrari’ qouted a story of a boy whose father sat down reading the paper relaxing after a long day at the office. The boy kept pestering the father to play with him and after a while the father simply tore out a picture of the globe that was in the newspaper and tore it into a hundred pieces. He gave the boy the pieces and told him to first put together the pieces before they could play. The father was hoping this would keep the boy busy for a little longer giving him time to finish reading the paper but the boy came back a minute later with the picture figured out. When the father asked in amazement, the boy said “on the other side of the picture of the globe was a picture of a person and all he had to do was to put together that person and the globe on the other side fell into place”. 

This shows that sometimes, before we go out blaming the people we let into our lives for making us miserable or blaming the globe (the world) for being so harsh and sophisticated or before we start pointing fingers at all the ungrateful people in our lives; some times it really is just better to first look at the human in us, the person on your side of the human equation. There may be one or two internal things that stop you from appreciating the beauty of a life lived for others and the strength of being in a group. Sometimes all it takes is a re-examination of yourself and getting together you life’s pieces for you to see the joy that comes by helping bring joy to others.

Of course the story also has a literal lesson of how fast time flies (So be active now or life may pass you by while you waste time procrastinating).

All being said, one person can really change the world maybe, but there is really no way of doing that without first changing yourself.

Before you decide and point out what is wrong or right in the world, decide and point out what is wrong and right with you and how you play a part in what is wrong or right with the globe.

Some food for thought : How much is your torch burning and how much will it have shined by the time you pass it on to the next generation? What will people miss about you when you pass on?


The problem with fast foods 

Tracing the genesis of its popularity to the 1950’s in post World War II America, fast food was initially intended to offer a fast and affordable alternative meal for people with tight and busy schedules. 
Why almost all fast food stores still serve the same type of food with variations being in prices, convenience and other issues like that; and why much innovation in the fast food industry is about how service and sales are done and not on the food itself, are discussions for another day!

With the presence of some notable fast food traders including the now world phenomena Mc Donald’s and KFC among others; the eating of fast food has become part of our society. Some people now even eat fast food as a hobby and in parts of Sub-Haran Africa, eating fast food is even considered a luxury.

The problem however is how some people have established fast food as a measure of classes; with those who can afford to take their peers out for pizza and hamburgers being seen as the most likable in their circles and those unfortunate enough to not afford such luxury or wise enough to see through its mediocrity being branded as the most unpopular ones. Other’s even judge people’s importance by their ability to frequently buy them fast food (mostly junk anyway). I know you know one or two people who your kids love or one or two who the people in our circles like a lot because he/she buys everyone pizza and it’s cousins in the fast food family.

We have gotten so used to this, that we don’t even see it as a problem. What happened to people in our immediate social settings being commended for their moral behaviour and not for the fact that we all get a free dose of some type of fast food whenever they grace our midst?

I am not discouraging any one of you from giving me free ice cream or pie if we ever meet alright! In fact, please do buy me some; but I’m just saying – don’t expect me to forgive you for something you did or to start regarding you as one of my realest friends just because you bought me some fast food. After eating that meal you are planning to buy for me, I will still need that apology you owe me.

All being said, it’s high time fast food went back to being a darling to only busy people and those who understand and appreciate the monetary value of time. May all other fast food consumers (which I regret to say are fast outnumbering the originally intended consumers) eat with a conscience haunting them of what productive thing they are doing with the time saved by constantly feeding on these high fat and cholesterol fast foods. To my peers, the young people, please let’s cut some of the unnecessary expenses incurred because of these fast foods we so much adore.