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a world of possible possibilities

It’s been a minute since I last blogged and if there is even that saying then its been an hour since I last thought I would blog again. I have been thinking, maybe Suli Breaks was right, the world doesnt need new leaders, it needs new ideas! But then everyone is or may be a leader in some way, after all, like some one else said, we need to see and have more young people who don’t depend on waiting to be given a position to make a difference! So i guess it all sums up to the world needs new leaders with new ideas a.k.a the maestro type of leaders.This new year I have had an encounter with a lot of talented young people doing alot of good and taking bold steps in activities that defy race,border, religion and all other differential traits like that! The picture above is of a young malawian who refused to be just another Malawian but rather a Malawian with a difference and a new idea. He started the maestro leadership team , a movement of young people called maestros who are inspired by the will to give back to their continent rather than just take and expect from it! At the moment, maestros are in over 22 countries and we just won the common_wealth_youth_of_the_year award for the European and African region. We just landed, from having dinner with the crown prince and spending some time with the queen. Of course not all of us went but the thing about being a maestro is we believe in team work so what a maestro achieves , we all celebrate! Is maestros in your community yet? Check us out because I know you don’t want to miss out on the society changing fun! The first step to making possible the various possibilities in our world today!


Let’s do this!!!!!